Weddings & Special Services

We provide the following services for members of our community and the general public.  Many people who do not have a church or religious affiliation call Unity because they are looking for a “spiritual but not religious” approach to these kinds of important life celebrations and ways of honoring the transitions in our lives.  If you are looking for something very positive, uplifting, and personally meaningful in a service, please contact Rev. Mary Masters in our church office.


Rev. Mary meets with each couple to plan an individualized service that reflects their beliefs and preferences.  She creates a beautiful ceremony that will be most personally meaningful for each couple.  Creative options include a candle lighting ceremony, sand ceremony, wine ceremony and other possibilities.  Rev. Mary performs weddings in our church sanctuary, on our Unity Peace Park, or at a location of your choice.  Some of the locations where she has officiated weddings include country clubs, restaurants, banquet halls, parks, museums, private homes and even at the Buffalo Zoo!  
Rev. Mary is happy to perform weddings for same sex couples, couples for whom this is not their first marriage, those with children who are creating a new family, those of different cultural or religious backgrounds, basically anyone who is looking for a spiritual but not necessarily religious service.  We are a gay-friendly community.

Renewal of Vows ceremonies are also offered.


In Unity a Christening is a ceremony and a ritual.  It is the symbolic act of welcoming and naming a child into a community.  Our belief is that we are born whole and perfect children of God.  A child is not born in sin and therefore baptism in water is not needed to wash away the sins inherent in the child.  Rather we typically use rose petals to represent purity.  The ritual is a dedication and commitment of the family and all those gathered to accept responsibility for the raising of the child.  It is a symbolic act of naming and beholding the child as a beloved child of God.

Celebration of Life services (Funerals, Memorials, Gravesite services)

People who have never attended a Unity service before often remark that a Unity “Celebration of Life” service is the most beautiful, positive service they have ever attended.  Services can be provided at a location of your choice and will be designed to honor the spiritual traditions of the family involved.  

Blessings for Special Occasions… for home, office, car, pets, any life change, retirement, new beginnings, starting a business, anniversaries.

The word blessing means to “endow something with the capacity to be a source of great good.”  Whether it is a new home, office or business, or a place you have been occupying for a long time, why not give it a special blessing to refresh the energy and open the space for new good to come in?  This is a wonderful thing to consider around the time of the New Year or an anniversary in your home, business or relationship.  

Spiritual Counseling

In Unity our approach to spiritual counseling is an opportunity for authentic sharing, reflective listening, meditation and prayer.  Rev. Mary is not a licensed counselor but does have experience with coaching and encouraging people to find spiritual solutions to our human experiences and pursue life goals.  One appointment or up to three appointments may be scheduled on a love offering basis.