A Course in Miracles

Rev. Allaurah OlsonA Course in Miracles, by Rev. Allaurah Olson, Minister Emerita

I have fallen in love with A Course in Miracles and I would love to share this love for the Course with you! 

The first time I heard about A Course in Miracles was in the 1980’s when I was studying to be a Unity Minister.  I felt very drawn to it, and bought the set of three books and began trying to understand it.  But I found that I didn’t understand it.  (Probably because ego didn’t want me to understand it.)  So I put it away for awhile to focus on learning the skills of becoming a minister.  From time to time I would get the workbook out and start at the beginning again.  But it just didn’t click. The language of it confused me   I just didn’t get it.  More recently, because I still wanted to understand it, I took some on-line classes with Jennifer Hadley, and the light began to dawn.  Guided by someone who did understand it, the Course began to make perfect sense to me, and studying it with other like-minded people, was also very helpful.  So I challenged myself to do the workbook lessons.  I just finished 365th lesson,(yay!)  and I challenged myself to do the workbook lessons again and blog about my new awarenesses and share them.  I decided to do this because I’ve discovered that repetition opens our awareness and allows our understanding to gradually expand so that what we may have glossed over or dismissed in the past begins to make more sense.  So I asked Rev. Mary if I could do this through our church newsletter. and she agreed. 
I also want to support the Course in Miracles study group here at Unity by calling attention to the Course.  This group has been meeting here for over 30 years.  John Scott has been leading this group for at least 25 of those years, and Ambie Tompkins A Course in Miracleshas been assisting more recently.    If you are interested in moving from ego consciousness to Christ consciousness, the Course can help you develop a whole new belief system that allows you to be happy and at peace, no matter what is going on in your outer  life, and  love all people, not just a few.   And the Course fully supports our Unity principles and can help us  to have a deeper understanding of them. I’ve  also discovered that studying with others and getting other people’s input broadens our understanding.  
So here is one of my most recent take-aways from the Course:
Contrary to what we have believed, our self-worth is not determined by what we think of ourselves, or what other people think of us.  Rather our self worth is determined bywhat we think about other people.
Who we are is pure love, like our Creator, and we violate who we are by judging and criticizing others, and we immediately feel guilty and unworthy because that’s not who we are.  The true way to build self-esteem is to watch our thoughts and give all our judgments of self and others to the Holy Spirit who is our guide.  We can say:  “Higher Holy Spirit Self, please take these judgments about (whoever)  from my mind and never let me think them again.  This person is my brother in Christ, and the deep desire of my heart is to see him/her with Christ vision and see myself as I see him or her.  Please help me to see only the Christ in this person and myself, and in everyone.”