John Two-Hawks: Hidden Medicine Workshop


Where: Unity of Buffalo
When: Sunday, August 13 from 12 - 1:30 p.m.

This inspirational workshop will enable you to find that power that lies within, and like the Firebird, transform and rise from the ashes of hurt and abuse into your true purpose and victorious self. Through John Two-Hawks' very personal story and insight, you will discover how the sacred ways of indigenous wisdom reveal a profound truth, and help you to blaze a path through your heart to find your own Hidden Medicine. Grammy® nominated Recording Artist Two-Hawks is a victim and a survivor of child abuse. It has taken him 30 years to arrive at the place in his life where he could finally tell his story. His new book and CD is a revealing window into the inner sanctum of John's very personal life journey from severe child abuse to victorious triumph, and how the sacred ways of indigenous wisdom revealed a profound truth hidden within. John wrote the book and music with the hope that it would help others to bravely blaze a path through their heart to find their own Hidden Medicine. In this class/workshop, John Two-Hawks will share his inspirational insights about how to be fully liberated from hurt and empowered by what we find within. There are three phases of that journey, and the third is often not realized. John will share the pathway of all three, with an emphasis on how to take that final step. An enlightening and uplifting experience for all. 
  • Learn how your experiences can be your vehicle to transform
  • Feel empowered through deep acceptance and Native wisdom
  • Learn to rise above past trauma and embrace joy

John Two-Hawks will also be the featured speaker and guest musician during our Sunday Service at 10 a.m. which is free and open to the public.



Event Date: 
Sunday, August 13, 2017 - 12:00pm