A Mandate for Leaders

A Mandate for LeadersSteve-Thoren

By Steve Thoren

Is there a lesson (or several) to take from the many transitions from the goals of the original UDT, the previous Long Range Planning Team, the Transformation Experience, Appreciative Inquiry and the Integral or Thriving Church Model of Gary Simmons back in 2005? These were all efforts to understand our ministry holistically and plan for a mission-centered future of growth and prosperity. How have we done? 
It is sometimes said that consensus decision-making assures that spirit gets its say. But what if the consensus is wrong? What if decisions are made by good people who may be reflecting--not some hidden fears and anxieties? Do you think that may be behind the difficulties we have experienced moving ahead in the last number of years? Has our “shadow” been tripping up our light focused intentions?
There is also the issue of our country and our society. What kind of leaders do we have? What kind of leaders do we want? My Leader Spirit - Leader Skill class may not produce national figures for the ballot box yet, but each of us is learning to step into our intuitive center and translate the energy and guidance we get into responsible and joy-filled action. Would that our political leaders had a practice like that! Instead of the best, we have the worst. In the outer and particularly at the national level we have dangerous, divisive and toxic energy manifesting in tragedy and threats to life and limb. Even the meaning of America seems dazed and confused. 
Of course we should vote. But is that it? We do not wish to fight hate with hate but “thoughts and prayers” hardly seems adequate. As we learned from VOICE-Buffalo, organized people must rally to counter organized money. But beyond supporting decent and good organizations, thinking and praying and voting is there more? I think so.
I believe each of us needs to reach higher and dig deeper. We have the spirit of the universe within us! What are we doing with it? As we have been told, the field of infinite possibilities stretches out before us. Are we cleaning out the nox-ious and toxic elements within ourselves? Are we organizing our soul energy into a powerful force for change? What are we doing to heal the divisions in our own being and in the life we live? Or are we sitting back and getting fat? Fearfully complaining - wringing our hands over the current sickness that encroaches our calm and collected minds? I don’t think that’s us. Clichés, bromides and well meaning statements of positivity will barely make a dent in the irrationality and ill intent at loose in our midst at this time. 
It is time to raise leaders who are consciously connected to their divinely given intuitive voice. People who will step out assertively having the confidence of knowing they are not just an “I” but also a “we”. To see with the eyes of spirit and to listen with the ears of spirit. To speak with their whole voice. And to act with inner authority. Not control over others but having authority over themselves and the ability to positively influence people, situations and organizations. They will have a balance of the masculine and feminine energies to guard against the one-sidedness of one or the other.  They will also integrate the negative and the positive. The light and the shadow. They will transform love into effective action. 
That is my thought and prayer! Steve.