Meet our Youth and Family Program Director

YOUTH EDUCATION DIRECTOR Betsy Rados - Unity Youth Education Director

Betsy Rados

Betsy Rados is a 2007 graduate of Houghton College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.  She served 28 years in the United States Army and Navy Reserves finishing her military career in 2007 as Commander of the Buffalo, New York unit of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets Corps, a national youth leadership development organization.  After 30 years of employment with the New York State Department of Transportation, she looks forward to retiring in early 2019 and devoting her time to developing and administering the Unity of Buffalo Youth and Family Ministry program.  She is a Unity enthusiast for almost 20 years and a Unity of Buffalo member since 2017 who served on the Board of Trustees throughout 2018.  As she continues her Unity education, her dream is to become a Licensed Unity Teacher and eventually, a Licensed Unity Minister.  Betsy lives in North Collins, New York with her husband, Bill Rados, and their two dogs.