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Judie Pufpaff is our featured artist through November, 2108
Open Exhibit Mon - Thurs: 11 - 4 p.m.

About Judie 

Born in Western NY, the second oldest of six children, Judie grew up in Springville, near Zoar Valley. It was a household full of music and laughter with creative materials in abundance. This environment allowed Judie to cultivate her love of nature and developed the foundational inspiration that can still be seen in her work today.
All of Judie’s paintings focus the joy, wonder and beauty of life. Her use of brilliant colors, high contrasts and interesting textures are indicative of that philosophy. 
When the family moved to Maryvale, Judie met the artist who would become her life long mentor and friend, Bill Little. Bill instilled in Judie the concept that “ Everything is Art” and he encouraged her to create her own methodology that was a direct result of her personal world views. 
This led Judie to not only master traditional oil painting on canvas, but to develop a unique multi-media style. In this method, Judie uses 400lb watercolor paper, coated twice with ColorFix pastel ground. She begins the process of creating her images by first laying down an underpainting with colored pencil. 
The next step in Judie’s process is to further saturate color with pastels, followed by oil pastels until there is enough pigment to move around with a palette knife. Foregrounds are then enriched with layers of Sennelier oil pastels. The completed result offers a richness of color and texture that reflects the artist’s theme of “ The Spirit Within.”  
Event Time: 
Sunday, September 23, 2018 - 12:00pm
Unity of Buffalo