Unity Connect: What a Wonderful Way to Change the World

Many programs in Unity organizations and communities seek to carry the passions and light they have to humanity and the world. Rev Gregory Guice says, “It takes all of us in a spirit of oneness … to be there for the community. We can’t keep it in our head. We have to take it to our heart … so it goes out not as the intellectual ‘what you need to do,’ but the loving demonstration…. Be that change.”

We are now on the leading edge of something that Unity has been needing for years—some say decades. Compassionate social action is creating a network of Unity organizations and people who want to leverage the power of community and be of service to each other.

There are programs throughout Unity that hold the light for human need, peace and justice, relief and development, education, earth care, as well as service to the animals and all sentient beings. With the sheer diversity of possibilities, it is difficult to define social action or social service and match everyone’s vision. Now, through the ideas of compassionate social action and Unity Connect, a new program of Unity Worldwide Ministries, we can join the conversation about taking Unity principles into the world around us.

Unity Connect will be a website to network individuals and Unity organizations in focused support of local, regional and international service. By opening an avenue to provide resources, funding and services, Unity Connect will act more like a highly adaptive framework supporting the ongoing conversation.

Much like social media leverages the connective power of many people with instantly shared photos, messages, comments, likes and groups, Unity Connect will be a community of connection in support of compassionate social action for Unity.

It is people connecting with people in service to the Divine Ideas that we all have inside, uplifting and guiding each other.

The following is a small sample of what it means to step into compassionate social action in Unity.

Unity Christ Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Rev Sandra McKinney holds a child in the village of Uru, Tanzania, Africa.

Bringing clean water to this village now allows the mothers to create their own textiles and jewelry products that are brought back to sell in the U.S. This empowers women and improves family life.

Unity Church of Overland Park, Kansas
Unity in Action events occur at Unity Church of Overland Park and in their surrounding community. A group of volunteers help with planting and gardening. Volunteers helped Unity of Joplin, Mo., after the tornado in May 2011.

Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, Grass Valley, California
Although they can’t house the homeless at their facility, volunteers have provided meals each month for more than eight years as a part of Hospitality House.

Unity of Georgetown, Texas
This ministry has provided a toy drive and collected socks and blankets for a nearby facility that helps those in need. They also made a difference when they held a Keep Georgetown Smiling campaign in which they collected toothbrushes and toothpaste for The Caring Place.

Unity of Nashville, Tennessee
They put feet to their prayers to “Build Faith” in the Nashville community by participating in Habitat for Humanity’s “Unity Build 2012.” Nashville churches joined together to not only build homes, but to build faith in the goodness of humankind. Working side-by-side demonstrated Unity’s message of the Oneness of God in all faith traditions. This build provided a new home for the Khan family.

Unity of San Antonio, Texas
The Thru Project (www.thruproject.org) provides young men and women one-on-one assistance from advisors and practical solutions to the obstacles they face after foster care.

LoveLight: Unity Light Center, Baldwin, Ks


LoveLight: Unity Light Center, Baldwin, Kansas

LoveLight (www.lovelight.info) inspires South African children through Unity and Ubuntu to express their fullest potential.


Invitation to You

I would like to invite you to make a difference by helping in the creation of Unity Connect. It is all about opening to the wisdom and compassion we have inside. As we look around, we find people and situations that need light and support for their vision. If you were able to share your vision for your project and your needs, and others could tap into your wisdom and then share their support for your vision as well, the ideas and energy for each person or program would increase exponentially.

Please join the conversation and consider sharing your story by contacting Martin Dowman.

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