Unity Opens Doors!

2019 Unity of Buffalo Building Campaign: New front doors 

Contribution Pledge

Join with us through a new threshold in the continuing growth of our spiritual community for generations to come! Accepting contributions through October 1, 2019. 

New Doors

Please let us know of your intention to support this project as soon as possible so that our Board can begin to make plans. Together we can move forward… confidently, gratefully and joyously. 


Background:  After an extensive process over the past year or so, our congregation has determined that the best long-term option of a home for Unity of Buffalo is to stay at our present location, 1243 Delaware Avenue.  Based on congregational input and surveys, one of the top priorities for improving our building is the front appearance and functionality of our entranceway.  A dedicated team of church leaders researched the options and have recommended new doors for our building.  A congregational town hall meeting was held and the “group conscience” of those present indicated strong support for this recommendation.  Our Board of Trustees has also voted to support this project.

Why Doors?  The new doors will essentially do three things:  (1) Improve the front appearance of our building, (2) Help us be more inviting to passers-by and welcoming to all those who attend events here, and (3) Help to insulate the front foyer so it is a warmer, more useable space in the winter time.  The specific design of the doors was carefully selected to compliment the “Frank Lloyd Wright” style of our building architecture.

Why Now?  Our current doors are probably the originals from when the building was built in 1958.  That’s 61 good years that we have had the use of these doors.  We would like to get the new doors installed in time for the 75th Anniversary celebration of our ministry this summer, in June.  The short answer is, “It’s time.”  Think of all the people and lives that have been changed by people’s experiences of having walked through our doors.  Let’s make the investment to prepare for welcoming new generations of people that will be called to walk through our doors in years to come.

The Cost:  The estimate for all materials and installation of both sets of doors is $17,000.  We will be getting the doors from Big L Windows and Doors, one to the top suppliers in Western New York.  The doors come with an extensive warranty that meets or exceeds industry standards.

How You Can Help:  As with all the building projects at Unity of Buffalo, we rely on the generous support of our members and friends to fund major building and property improvements.  You may support this project with a one-time gift or pledge to make a gift or a series of contributions throughout this year.  Please use the link to the Pledge Form above.  

New Doors at Unity of BuffaloAnd please join us in prayer: 

God is Our Source and we are giving thanks in advance for the completion of this project to install new front doors at Unity of Buffalo.  We are grateful for the generous giving of our members and friends, and income that comes to us from expected and unexpected places, providing for this project to be completed with perfect timing for the celebration of our 75th Anniversary this summer.    All is in Divine Order as this project unfolds with ease and grace.  Thank you, God.