Greg Tamblyn - Sunday Service Special Guest

Unity of Buffalo welcomes Greg Tamblyn! 
(2018 UWM Grace Note Award Winner)

Premieres on Sunday, August 9 at 10 a.m. EST on our YouTube Channel.

Greg's lesson: "The Sacred & The Silly"

Greg's message will give us the chance to laugh, lighten up, look at life differently, and ALSO live more effectively!

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Mystics, prophets, saints and psychologists have all told us that happiness lies in the Now. Many of us in the West have forgotten where that is. Silliness, humor, and playfulness are profound ways to get there. 
About Greg Tamblyn
Greg Tamblyn was presented the Grace Note Award in 2018 by Unity Worldwide Ministries, for outstanding contribution to New Thought Music! Recipients are chosen by the Music Ministry Team and Greg's award was presented at the Posi Music Festival!
An award winning speaker-humorist-singer-songwriter for over 25 years, Greg combines outstanding audience rapport with an irreverent sense of humor. He captivates audiences with a wealth of powerful material about the relationship of lifestyle, music, and laughter to effectiveness and wellness. 

Some Notable awards presented to Greg Tamblyn include: 
Greg Tamblyn at Unity of Buffalo online ministry
  • "Best Humorous Song"  - EmPower Music Awards 
  • “Most Uniting Song”  - EmPower Music Awards 
  • "Best Personal Transformation Song" - EmPower Music Awards

Testimonials include:

"Greg Tamblyn is a contemporary Mark Twain...." 
-Larry Dossey MD, bestselling author of "Space, Time, and Medicine"; "Healing Words" and many others

"When I heard you play for me and several hundred other people, I was amazed. Although we were in a large hotel ballroom, your ability to personalize your performance, to make me feel like you were singing for me, was extraordinary." 
-James P. Miller, MD, Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine, Columbus, GA
"Greg Tamblyn is a wonderful performer. He is witty, wise and caring. His songs are thoughtful, funny, and often touching. Our conference attendees loved his show. I strongly encourage any group out there looking for a keynote performer to hire Greg. I can't praise him highly enough."  
-Bob Salt, Director, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stout, Body Mind Spirit Conference
"I am sure you are Chicken Soup for a lot of Souls out there in the world. Keep writing and singing!" 
-Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul 

"It was so good to see you at Posifest. You're a treasure."
-Lynne Key

More about Greg Tamblyn: Click Here:

Event Date: 
Sunday, August 9, 2020 - 10:00am
Event Time: 
Sunday, August 9, 2020 - 10:00am
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