Spirit Groups

SpiritGroups at Unity of Buffalo


Welcome to the SpiritGroups Program at Unity of Buffalo! 
We'll be resuming our Small Group Ministry in the Winter of 2021!
Questions? Learn all about Unity of Buffalo's SpiritGroups mission here!

The journey begins with a calling. The calling leads us to each other. Our mission of the SpiritGroups program is "to inspire Infinite connections." We do this by gathering together in small groups united around a common mission. The result? A life of joy. A world of peace...Connect with our community and let's get started!

Mendhi Audlin of SpiritGroups

Mendhi Audlin

The SpiritGroups program was born out of a deep desire to advance the New Thought movement and blaze a trail for spiritual awakening. As the Spiritual Leader of a New Thought community, I have often asked myself what my purpose was as a leader, and how our spiritual communities could best nurture the spiritual growth of our congregations. It took many years to discover the answer to my question, ironically, perhaps, through a chance visit to a local mega-church. This experience inspired years of study and the gradual awakening to a "new way" of ministry that is grounded in a powerful mission and designed to equip new leaders and engage your congregation.

I am excited to partner with your congregation in the journey of shifting into this mission-centric model with small groups infrastructure.