Winter 2021 Series

Affirmative Empowering Prayer – Winter 2021 series begins January 11

 What is your experience with prayer?  If your image of God has evolved, but your prayer language has lagged behind using conventional words that no longer fit your experience, consider experimenting with a fresh approach.

Affirmative Empowering Prayer is a 6-week video series for SpiritGroups that invites you to re-examine your views of God and yourself, as well as the role and purpose of prayer.  The prayer method we will learn is called affirmative prayer because it recognizes your oneness with God.  You will practice praying in new ways which affirm your Wholeness and Divine identity.  You will also learn how to apply the 5 Phases of Prayer in your personal life, and also when praying with others.

You will be supported to practice with Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett’s award-winning book, How To Pray Without Talking to God:  Moment by Moment, Choice by Choice (available on Amazon).  Join with others for a deep dive into an of experience God, the Source of All That Is, as your identity, too.  Our world needs people like you, and your prayers, to raise Divine Consciousness!  Enroll in a SpiritGroup today.

Our Winter series begins the week of January 11.  All sessions will be held online via Zoom.  We have six wonderful groups with experienced facilitators providing a fun, enlightening and prayer-full experience.  Each group has between 4 to 8 participants to insure quality time for sharing.  Last Fall we have over 40 people participating so please sign up soon to be sure we can get you assigned to a group where space is available.  Sign-up using this link.