Membership in Unity of Buffalo

While everyone is welcome to attend Unity of Buffalo and participate in our many opportunities for learning, growing and sacred service, there is also a special significance to becoming an “official” active member of our church.  It is a way of declaring a commitment to your own spiritual growth and transformation through participation in this spiritual community and through learning and applying the spiritual principles of life as taught in Unity.  Church membership also involves a commitment to supporting Unity of Buffalo with your time, talent and treasures as a means of deepening your relationship with the spiritual laws of life.

“A member of Unity of Buffalo shall endeavor to live in accord with the Jesus Christ principles of Love and Truth as taught by Unity.  A member shall further the work of this Ministry through active interest, love, and support of time, talent and treasure.” – Church Bylaws, Article III, Section 3.01

Active members in our church have the right to vote at our congregational meetings and are eligible to be considered for serving on our Board of Trustees.  Church members must fill out a re-commitment form every year in order to maintain their status as a current active member.  Further details about membership are described in Article III of our Church Bylaws.

How Do I Become A Member?

It is suggested that you be attending our Sunday services for about six months in order to become familiar with our teachings and our spiritual community.  In addition to that, taking our Unity 101 class is a requirement for membership.  This six-week class is offered at least once per year and provides a solid overview of our Unity teachings and history.  We also take an deeper look at Unity’s approach to prayer, prosperity, Bible interpretation, healthy relationships and what’s special about Unity of Buffalo.  Upon completion of this class, a “Membership Blessing and Welcoming” ceremony is scheduled to take place during a Sunday service.