Unity Leadership


Unity of Buffalo Board

Unity of Buffalo's Board of Trustees. From left to right: Clem Olson, Nancy Lee Patrus, Lisa Colbert-Brown , Sister Carrone Crump, Tiffany Jadoo and Rev. Mary Masters.
(Not pictured here is Harriet Gromer-Hicks, Board Keeper of the Flame).

Lisa Colbert-Brown
Lisa Colbert - Brown


Lisa has been in Unity for 25 years.  Prior to joining us here at Unity of Buffalo, she was a member of the Unity Church in Montclair, New Jersey where she served as a Prayer Chaplain, Sunday Service Coordinator and Office Administrator.  Lisa has completed 21 Unity classes for credit and is also a Prayer Chaplain Emerita here at Unity of Buffalo.  She volunteers in our office and is a regular Platform Partner on Sundays.  One of the ways that Lisa expresses her leadership gifts is through involvement with VOICE-Buffalo and her passion for social justice issues.  One thing that Lisa loves about Unity of Buffalo is…the opportunity to grow spiritually with a loving community.
                A fun fact about Lisa is… she'll never pass up an opportunity to play Scrabble!

Sister Carrone Crump
Vice President

Sister Carrone has been a member of Unity of Buffalo for more than 14 years.  She has been an invaluable resource in helping us schedule guest speakers and presenters for Black History Month over the years.  She is a respected leader in the community, also serving as the Coordinator of the Buffalo Juneteenth Festival.  One thing Sister Carrone loves about Unity of Buffalo is the feeling of being spiritually at home.

A fun fact about Sister Carrone is… that she loves to play loud music and dance.

Tiffany Jadoo


Tiffany has been a member of Unity of Buffalo for seven years.  She has taken several classes and contributes to our ministry through our Friendship Hour, sharing her love of food and cooking.  In her professional life, she is a pediatric dentist.  She also loves yoga and travel.  One of her favorite authors is Brene Brown and last year she led a book study on Brene’s newest book, Rising Strong:  The Reckoning. The Rumble. The Revolution. 

What Tiffany loves about Unity of Buffalo is … that it feels like home.  “I love the sermons on Sunday service and the people that attend church are very kind and open minded.  I feel like my service at Unity makes a difference. I enjoy volunteering because it feels good to give back to the place where I am spiritually nourished. The classes and events here are very positive and uplifting. This church has provided a loving and supportive community for me and I am very grateful.”

A fun fact about Tiffany is…that she loves practicing yoga and is an avid word unscrambler!  Tiffany loves word jumble puzzles.

Clem Olson


Clem has been attending Unity of Buffalo for 17 years and served as a Sunday service greeter for many of those years. He brings to our Board extensive business and non-profit experience, having served on several other church boards as well. He is also active with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, where he is currently serving as the New York State Acting Grand Master.  One thing that Clem loves about Unity of Buffalo is … the friendliness of the people.

A fun fact about Clem is … that he has been a world traveler; he enjoys travelling and has gained many insights from his travels.

Nancy Lee Patrus

Trustee At Large

Nancy has been in Unity for 10 years now.  She started out attending the Unity Center of Pittsburgh and then found our church when she moved to Buffalo to be near family.  In addition to her board experience at Unity in Pittsburgh, she currently also serves our ministry as a Prayer Chaplain, a Sunday service greeter, and helps out with our Friendship Hour.  Professionally, Nancy Lee has been a business owner.  In Pennsylvania, she owned a barber shop where she doubled the business with creative marketing ideas.  One thing that Nancy Lee loves about Unity of Buffalo is the people.  I felt welcome from the 1st day.  It's wonderful to be with like-minded people.  It helps us to grow faster spiritually.
A fun fact about Nancy Lee is… that she taught herself to meditate at age 14.  She read The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yoganananda and would come home after school every day and practice.

Harriet Gromer- Hicks
Keeper of the Flame

Harriet has been a member of Unity of Buffalo for 20 years.  When Harriet first came to Unity of Buffalo, she volunteered in our office.  Since that time she has moved on to becoming one of our longest serving Prayer Chaplains, 10 years and still loving her prayer work.  She says that praying with others is one of her all-time favorite things to do.  Harriet is the first person to serve as our Board Keeper of the Flame, which means she opens and closes our meeting in prayer, leads prayers during the meeting as needed, and holds sacred space for us as we conduct church business.  One of the things that Harriet loves about Unity of Buffalo is… its inclusiveness and the unconditional love we all share with each other.
A fun fact about Harriet is … that she loves to sing to her pets.  

Rev. Mary Masters
Trustee At Large 

Reverend Mary Elita Masters has been in Unity for over 30 years.  Since being ordained in 2002, she has served as the Senior Minister at Unity of Buffalo for 15 years, a position she calls “a Divine Appointment if there ever was one.”
Mary’s passion for the Unity movement has been expressed through her service on the Eastern Region Board and now the Unity Worldwide Ministries Board.  Mary served five years on the Eastern Region Board, including four years as the regional president from 2005-09.  She has been a member of the Unity Worldwide Ministries Board of Trustees since 2009 and had the honor of serving as Chair of the Board in 2013-14.  In that role, she ordained the graduating class of Unity Institute ministers and gave the commencement address at the 2014 Unity Institute Graduation ceremonies.  Prior to ordination, Mary was a Licensed Unity Teacher at Unity of Chicago.  Rev. Mary feels her life purpose is to always “leave a place better than I found it.”  Her core values are:  Spiritually-centered, Loving Kindness, Authenticity, Continuous Learning and Growing, and Play (if you can’t have fun doing it, is it worth doing?)  She loves getting to know people in her congregation and the people she meets through the many varied experiences that her ministry has gifted her with.  Every interaction is an opportunity to discover and appreciate the buried treasure within all of us.
           A fun fact about Rev. Mary is that she worked in college athletics for 20 years and has always loved sports and was an athlete herself, playing both tennis and field hockey through her college years and beyond. These days Rev. Mary still keeps active with spinning and yoga...and absolutely loves it.