Prayer Chaplains’ Dedication Sunday

On Sunday, June 4 during our 10:00 a.m. service we will be celebrating our Unity Prayer Chaplains for the coming year.  Becoming a Unity Prayer Chaplain involves a significant commitment to training and service that spans the full year as our chaplains provide prayer on Sunday mornings, make monthly wellness calls to our church members, and generally “hold the high watch” for Unity of Buffalo throughout the year.

Spiritual Support for Furloughed Workers

The government shutdown in the United States has left many struggling. With more than 800,000 workers living without a paycheck, we know this can be a time of spiritual exhaustion. We at Unity offer our support and prayers for the furloughed federal workers. We would like to offer a token of our support: a free copy of our flagship magazine, Daily Word®, with articles, prayers, and poems of...


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