Prayer Chaplains’ Dedication Sunday

On Sunday, June 4 during our 10:00 a.m. service we will be celebrating our Unity Prayer Chaplains for the coming year.  Becoming a Unity Prayer Chaplain involves a significant commitment to training and service that spans the full year as our chaplains provide prayer on Sunday mornings, make monthly wellness calls to our church members, and generally “hold the high watch” for Unity of Buffalo throughout the year.

Creating Community

Affirmation: I am open to a deeper understanding of Spirit within all people. We are One. The affirmation for this month is a powerful and deeply transformative practice—if we take it on, if we are truly open to understanding Spirit within all people. This type of work takes us to the edge of our knowing and probably to the edge of our comfort zone, because it invites us to understand all...

Love Thy Neighbor

Affirmation: I am a living, loving expression of God, right here and now. The story is told of a farmer whose corn each year earned the winning prize at the state fair. One year, a reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew his corn. The farmer told the reporter that he shared his prize-winning seed corn with his neighbors. When asked why, the farmer...

Welcoming Grace

Affirmation: Grace is an upward pull of the universe, lifting me to the heights of my divine nature. Seeking the Meaning of Grace St. Augustine said: “What is grace? I know until you ask me; when you ask me, I do not know.” If we asked a dozen people their definition of grace, we might uncover a dozen different answers including, “I don’t know.” Perhaps we were raised in a faith...


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