Animal Ministry Team Meeting

All are welcome to attend this meeting and join.

The Mission of the Animal Ministry team is to explore the concept of nonhuman animals existing as spiritual beings; to increase the congregation's awareness of local groups and individuals that work to help the lives of animals; and to study animal blessings and prayers.

Animal Ministry at Unity of Buffalo

Five Ways the Universe Supports Your Dream Job

If it were easy to leave bad jobs, everyone would do it. It is much simpler to define, aim, and land a dream job using the power of the soul. Finding one’s dream job can seem impossible in the physical world of cause and effect. You see, not being happy at work seems like a simple problem. However, it is best solved using the soul’s energy as a guide and as fuel. Your best intelligence is in...

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Message of Love

King at the 1963 Civil Rights March in Washington, D.C. Rev. Jackie Hawkins and taking action for peace One Sunday evening in 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. extended the right hand of fellowship to a young Jackie Hawkins. It was a traditional gesture of Baptist church membership. Hawkins recalled how that long-ago moment changed her life. “I was immediately struck by two things,” Hawkins...

Claiming Truth

Affirmation: I am a dynamic expression of God on the quest to know and reveal more of my true self. Stuffed With Spiritual Teachings Growing up in Unity, I was blessed with a foundation of positive thinking and self-empowerment consciousness. Early on, I took to heart the teaching that I am a child of God, claiming my divine identity as the Truth of my being. My world has been completely...


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