"Your Invisible Power" Book Study

“Your Invisible Power” – The Mental Science of Thomas Troward.  This class/book study led by Rev. Mary will be an in-depth study of the prosperity teachings that are the cornerstone of our Unity philosophy.  This class will be offered on a love offering basis.  Generous giving is a prosperity practice.
“My mind is a center of Divine operation.

Expanding into New Territory: Unity of the Great Plains and Unity of St John

Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Rev Steve Colladay has a great job: He gets to help bring new ministries into manifestation. As Ministry Expansion Coordinator, Steve coaches spiritual leaders on vision and mission, and supports them through the extensive application process to become an official Unity ministry.

“These people have a vision and they step out on the edge of faith. They may not even have people yet. It’s a major calling and response to Spirit. It’s a God job all the way through,” he says.


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