Sacred Service

Sacred Service at Unity of Buffalo

Goals of Our Sacred Service Ministry

  • To help people understand their gifts and passions, and live out their calling in every area of their lives.
  • To help individuals mature spiritually by using their gifts to serve others and the community so that the whole spiritual community can attain maturity of Spirit.

What is a Sacred Service Ministry?

Sacred service ministry is more than a volunteer program.  While volunteer programs provide service opportunities, these opportunities are often disconnected from a person’s primary gifts and calling.  Sacred Service ministry is more than asking people to perform needed tasks in the church out of a sense of duty.  It is a philosophy of service based upon knowing that each of us brings gifts and life experience into our spiritual communities along with an inner desire to experience meaning and purpose in our lives, to know that we are making a difference in the lives of others.

This is not about filling slots that we “think” need to be filled.  Sacred Service Ministry is about assisting spiritual community members in finding fulfilling ministry as part of their own spiritual journey.  In this way, members wind up both serving and being served by themselves.  The result is a richness of satisfaction and fulfillment, and a depth of learning that blesses every area of our lives.


" I came to find Unity in 2007.  Since the moment I stepped into the church I felt loved and accepted, I have had the privilege the last six years to serve on the Board of Trustees.  Stepping into service at this level was the best thing I could ever do for my own growth and spiritual enlightenment.  I only hope I gave as much to my church community as it has given to me.  No matter where life takes me I will always be blessed to be a part of Unity"

Rosemary Priore


What opportunites are available at Unity of Buffalo? Please click here to see a list of our Ministry Teams.

The Spiritual Gifts Discovery Process  - A five-week class  that is offered at least once per year at Unity of Buffalo to introduce people to the ideas of their “True Self” and unique expression, their Spiritual Gifts and how that connects in a greater context to core values, sacred service and spiritual development – thereby maximizing each person’s capacity to grow and thrive.