A message from our former Board President:

" I came to find Unity in 2007.  Since the moment I stepped into the church I felt loved and accepted, I have had the privilege the last six years to serve on the Board of Trustees.  Stepping into service at this level was the best thing I could ever do for my own growth and spiritual enlightenment.  I only hope I gave as much to my church community as it has given to me.  No matter where life takes me I will always be blessed to be a part of Unity"

Rosemary Priore
Former Board President
Unity of Buffalo

We asked our congregation to write us a few words on what they appreciate and like about Unity of Buffalo. Here are a few of their thoughts:

"I love the sacred sense of family that breathes through our church."

"Chaplain- prayer support after Sunday's service."

"I am grateful for the Church & it's loving people. A place where there are like minds."

"Connect to my heart."

"It's powerful vortex of energy love & acceptence which deeply comforts me."

"Rev. Mary!! A very special soul with a very special destiny."

"What I love about Unity of Buffalo is the affirmation that we are all children of God."

"What I love about Unity of Buffalo: I have a precious loving spiritual family :)"

"Unity teachings are Spiritually liberating! :)"

"Kindness and genuine caring of and from congregants and staff of the Unity Church."

"The hugs, love and genuine acceptance of each of us!"

"There is a sensitivity to relate to the human need not only on a sacred level, but metaphysical as well- where everything begins."


"Unconditional love & acceptance of all Beings."

"I appreciate our minister Mary Masters, her love & dedication to growing our church."

"One of the best things about Unity is that, not only do we think outside the box, there is NO box, because we recognize that the spirit of the divine is without boundaries."