Board Update November 12, 2020

Update from the Re-imagining Team: Mary Anne Silkes, Mary Jo Grundle, Amy Barone, Lonny Gibbs, Millie Gibbs, Harriet Gromer-Hicks, Rev. Mary Masters

During this complicated and ever changing COVID-19 situation, the Re-imagining team has been meeting monthly to help Unity of Buffalo in safely navigating the COVID storm. With this in mind the Re-imagining Team met on November 9 and voted to recommend that we postpone the in-person service scheduled for November22nd.  In general, we err on the side of caution and would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in following the protocols for the outdoor services.  It seems wiser to be overly cautious than not careful enough.

When the infection rate returns to a low percentage rate we will be considering an indoor service and using the building for group meetings. There will be a structured procedure which will involve signing up by a certain day ahead of time and arriving early to be screened. It will feel very different from our less formal atmosphere on Sundays and it will likely be even longer before we can enjoy our fellowship time with refreshments.

This is a time when we are truly our brother’s keeper. When we get closer to opening, we will communicate the specific protocols so you will know what to expect. Deciding to join indoor activities is a very personal decision and each of us needs to follow our own best practices to protect our health. To say we miss seeing each other in person would be an understatement but what we care about most is staying healthy and having many opportunities for all of us to be together in the future.