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Current Unity Gallery Exhibit: Laura Wright, "Insight: Everyday Visions"

Gallery Opening and Reception - Sunday, Nov. 12, Noon - 2 p.m.

Unity Art Gallery

    Laura Wright has always been one to face her challenges. Though she never completed High School she later received several college degrees and then at age 50, she completed her studies at Harvard University. Laura was also once named International Single Parent of the Year. Ms. Wright has always been a visual orientated person, finding beauty and interest in all that she saw on a daily basis.

  In 2009 a stroke left Laura with very limited vision. She mourned the loss of her ability to fully see or to take photographs, to share with others, of all the simple sights she cherished everyday.
One day Laura felt moved to take a photo, later on her computer adapted by the Olmsted Center for Sight, she saw that she was still able to capture images of her loved ones, pets, antiques, her hobbies, and all the diverse people, places and activities that she finds so beautiful and inspiring. Some of her work was published in magazines along with History articles she wrote. Laura also produced professional DVD's 

on local subjects using her photography,

and she also has a greeting card line.

  This exhibit “Insight: Everyday Visions”, is a collection of her work since her vision loss, which is meant to inspire other to look and really see everyday visions.

"We live by faith, not by sight" Corinthians 5:7


Unity Gallery provides a venue for local artists to be featured within our Unity of Buffalo sanctuary.  Each art show is two months and may feature one, two, a few or a collective of artists such as the Kenmore Arts Society. Since 2002, Unity Gallery has hosted close to 100 art shows featuring the art of well over 150 artists.  The range of art media featured has included painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, Japanese cartoons, jewelry, enamels, quilting and needlework.  Unity Gallery is open for viewing during hours when our church is open, Monday-Thursdays and Sunday afternoon.  Please call the church office to make an appointment, (716) 882-0391.



"Lead Me In The Path" Psalm 119:30 oil painting
By Judie Pufpaff, Unity Gallery Director
Learn more about Judie by visiting her website: www.judiepufpaff.com