Unity Peace Park

Unity of Buffalo Peace Park

Unity of Buffalo Peace Park is a National Wildlife HabitatThe Unity of Buffalo Peace Park is a serene oasis nestled in the heart of Buffalo, fostering commUnity through peaceful gatherings, cultural events, and environmental stewardship initiatives.

A sustainable, community green space, inspiring peace in our hearts, our city, and in our world

Unity Peace Park is certified as a Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation.

The Unity Peace Park Project
is focusing on the following:

  • Sustainable urban habitat
  • Native plants and trees
  • Zero use of insecticides or herbicides
  • Environmental and habitat education
  • Electricity and water access
  • Open space for outdoor classes such as yoga
  • Restoration of the gazebo
  • Community resource
If you would like to find out what you can do to help make this vision a reality, please contact info@unitybuffalo.org, or simply make a donation.

A Short History…

Over the years our Unity congregation has consistently held a commitment to staying in the city of Buffalo and working with our friends and neighbors to improve life in the city for everyone.  One way this commitment is expressed is through the fulfillment of our vision to take what was at one time, a couple of empty and neglected city lots and turn them into a vibrant green space with park-like amenities and a handicapped-accessible labyrinth at the center. Our intention has been to create a beautiful and useful space for collaborative projects, community events, and family recreation and for individuals seeking a meditative experience in a lovely environment.

To this end, the Unity Peace Park was dedicated to Peace in our hearts and in the world on June 2nd, 2012, the day of our grand opening ceremony for the Unity labyrinth. Since that time, we have also celebrated World Labyrinth Day and hosted many events including our annual summer church picnics, weddings, parties, community gatherings and much more! The mission of our Unity Peace Park is to be a sustainable, community green space, inspiring peace in our hearts, our city, and in our world.

What is a Labyrinth?

Labyrinths date back thousands of years and have been used by many cultures.  During Medieval times, many Christian churches incorporated labyrinths into floor designs. Today garden labyrinths are getting new attention at places of worship, medical centers, conference centers, parks, colleges, even backyards. Basically they are a meditation tool. A good suggestion for walking a labyrinth is as follows:
The entrance is a good place to stop, reflect and set an intention for your spiritual walk. Perhaps you’ll have a question that you are seeking guidance about. As you walk, focus on the intention.  At the center, you can take as long as you wish, being open and receptive to spiritual guidance. Take time to turn and look in all directions. On the return journey, focus on what you bring from the center.

The important thing to know is that there is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. If you want, you can run or skip or play a flute. You can use a labyrinth in whatever way works for you.

Labyrinth Bricks…

Sponsoring a brick in our labyrinth is a special way to remember someone who has passed, acknowledge someone important in your life, or just put a message on brick that will bless all those who walk the path. Bricks are $100 each and may be ordered through our church office.

Some Special Thank You’s…

Many people have contributed to making our Unity Peace Park possible, most especially the members of our congregation that have held this vision and contributed time, talent and treasure.  We are also very grateful for grant monies that have been received through our State Senator’s office, the City Common Council member’s office, and the Riefler Foundation, administered by the Network of Religious Communities.  Also a special thanks to the Buffalo Zoo for their donation of over 7,000 bricks to pave our walkway.

Reserve the Unity Peace Park for your Special Event!

To make a reservation for the use of our Unity Peace Park for classes, community gatherings, a wedding or other private events, please fill out this online form.
Reasonable rental fees and terms are available. If you have any questions, please contact our Church office at info@unitybuffalo.org or (716) 882-0391.