Sunday Celebration Services

Sunday Celebration Services – 10:00 a.m.

What is a service like?  We begin with singing positive, uplifting songs.   The service includes a reading from the Daily Word, time for prayer, silent meditation, an uplifting message from our minister, great music, and news about “What’s Happening” within our spiritual community.  Members of our spiritual community play an active role in co-creating our “Sunday morning experience.”

Pre-service meditation opportunity:   At 9:45 a.m.  a smaller group gathers in our Prayer Room on the first floor for getting centered before the service.  Everyone is welcome to join us between 9:45-9:55 for this time of prayer and meditation.

Are children welcome?  Of course!  We are a multigenerational ministry that welcomes children of all ages.  Our Youth Education program is designed to serve youth ages 4-14 and meets downstairs during our regular Sunday services.  We all begin the service upstairs together and then the children are blessed as they move downstairs for their part of our Sunday morning experience.  Children may participate in our youth program or stay upstairs during the service.  There is a basket of “quiet toys” in the front foyer if you choose to keep your children upstairs during the service.  

Is there parking?  Yes.  Our parking lot is directly behind our building.  Follow the sign to our front entrance, or you may come in the back door prior to 10 a.m.   Between 10 and 11 a.m., the back door is closed to allow our downstairs space to be dedicated for use by our youth ministry.

What is the length of the service?  About 75 minutes.  We start at 10 a.m. and are usually finished by 11:10 or 11:15 a.m.

What can I expect as a newcomer?  You will be warmly greeted at the door and given a guest name tag and “welcome packet.”  Everyone wears a name tag on Sunday mornings so we can get to know each other better.  Toward the end of the service, we welcome newcomers.  You’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself, if you’d like and receive our special “Unity blessing.”  Newcomers always report on the guest cards that they find our community to be very warm and welcoming.  
What’s the dress code?  Whatever is comfortable for you.  We are an open, welcoming community.  You’ll see everything from jeans to dresses and suit coats on Sunday morning.

What happens after the service?  We close our service with joining hands and forming a circle around the sanctuary as we sing “Now There is Peace on Earth.”  After the closing circle is a time for people to informally greet each other, connecting with old friends and meeting new people.  

Our Unity Prayer Chaplains are available in a corner of our sanctuary for anyone to request one-on-one prayer support.  Downstairs we have a Friendship Hour that often is more like a full lunch thanks to our Friendship Hour team.  Some people stop downstairs for a few minutes to grab a cup of coffee on their way out to meet the day; others sit down and visit for an hour after the service.  Anywhere in between is completely fine. 
In addition, our Healing & Wholeness team provides energy healing “spot” treatments on the first Sunday of each month right after the service.  This happens in our sanctuary and is available free of charge, thanks to the wonderful energy practitioners in our community.

Occasionally ministry team meetings or classes are also scheduled for after the Sunday services.  Sometimes the Walking Club has an outing planned and of course, the labyrinth on our Unity Peace Park is available for walking at any time.

Is your building handicap accessible?  The front entrance has a ramp for entering our sanctuary on the ground floor level.  Unfortunately we do not have handicap accessible rest rooms and there are stairs to our Friendship Hall on the lower level.  We are working on a plan to address this for the future.