SpiritGroups Earth Care Project

Did you know...
Unity of Buffalo is an EarthCare Certified Congregation!

The purpose of Unity Worldwide EarthCare Ministry is to practice spiritual oneness with our Earth home and to promote active care of creation.

Unity of Buffalo is Earth Care Certified

This Unity Worldwide EarthCare team rose up from the grassroots of the Unity movement, coming from the deep desire to express Unity's belief in our oneness with all divine life in ways that directly impact our planet home. 

Our Unity vision statement reads, "All humanity lives in a spiritual consciousness that manifests as loving coexistence with all creation and care for our Earth home." We act so that every step on our planet home and through our life here is an active prayer for all divine creation.
Visit the EarthCare website (unity.org/earthcare) for more information.

So what can our Spiritual Community do for Earth Day and EVERY DAY?

Apply for the Congregational Green Star Award!

Applications are now available for the Congregational Green Star Award. Fill out your application and submit it by April 15, 2020, to be awarded your certificate at the annual Unity People's Convention in June.

But whatever you decide, please don’t forget to simply get outside and enjoy the lovely smell of fresh air in companionship with nature!

Here is a list from one of our Unity of Buffalo SpiritGroups, led by Mary Beth Wollenschlaeger, who just completed the SpiritGroup series "Discover the Power". Their team decided to make EarthCare their Service Project and they have compiled a list all of us can follow to practice our spiritual oneness with our planet.

30 SMALL but important things we can do to help our environment!

Turn off water while brushing teeth

Use tooth paste squeezers or cut the tube open to get the paste that won’t squeeze out

Take showers instead of baths / Rinse in the shower with cold water

Use a shower head that reduces water use

Reduce the amount of meat you eat, eat a more plant based diet

Buy locally grown and made foods

Eat at restaurants that use locally grown and made foods

Shop at reuse stores such as Salvation army and Good Will for clothing and home wares

Wear clothing longer instead of buying new clothes and donate old clothing instead of throwing items away

Minimize your belongings and donate items not wanted or needed

Avoid buying new home wares

Plant more plants and build a garden

Buy a smaller Christmas tree that can be planted in the spring

Plant a tree

Compost your compostable waste instead of throwing it in the trash

Make a compost pile for your garden

Carpool with friends and coworkers

Check the air in your car tires to ensure the air pressure is correct and balanced

Use a bicycle for travel

Walk instead of driving

Use public transportation

Go to a park and pick up trash and recyclable material 

Use cloth napkins and dish rags instead of paper towels

Recycle your plastic, paper , and metal at home instead of throwing the items in the trash

Reuse plastic shopping bags for trash cans or to pick up your pets waste

Use reusable bags when shopping instead of taking the stores plastic or paper single use bags

Re-use paper cups for coffee and tea

Use a travel mug instead of paper cups for coffee and tea (many stores offer discounts for using your own mug)

Make and use home-made all-purpose cleaner (using ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda etc.)

Convert your traditional light bulbs to LED bulbs

SpiritGroups EarthCare Group is:
Mary Jo Foley
Corey Johnson
Michael Ludwick
Eve Wackett
Mary Beth Wollenschlaeger, SpiritGroups Host


Please check out the Unity EarthCare Facebook page maintained by UET member Beth Remmes for timely information and comments regarding our environment!

There are a number of organizations on the internet that provide a wealth of opportunities to get involved, from joining national initiatives such as the climate strike, to creating your own activities. For example, the Earth Day Network offers toolkits in a number of areas that provide all the resources you need to create a successful activity or campaign.

Another terrific resource is Interfaith Power & Light, which provides materials to participate in Climate Action WeekApril 1726a campaign for climate healing and action with a whole week of activities in celebration around Earth Day.