New Ideas for Unity of Buffalo - We want to hear from you!

If you have an idea for an event and would like to propose scheduling it, please fill out the "New Ideas" proposal form for our Board to review. Proposals will be reviewed at our regular monthly Board meetings. Please plan to submit your request with sufficient advance time for the Board to review your proposal. Also, please be sure to fill out the entire form. Thank you! 

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Briefly describe the “New Idea” event or program that you are proposing. Will it be a one-time event, a series or an on-going program?
Proposed day, dates and/or times requested.
Where do you propose holding this event? Will it require space in our building, on church property, the Unity Peace Park or elsewhere?
Who will be leading the program, and facilitating the event? Please provide brief background on the qualifications of the presenter (speaker, facilitator, musician, etc.) Also who is the target audience (church, outside community, both, etc.), and is there a size or capacity limit for the number of participants?
Are you an authorized church key holder or is there someone with a church key that is willing to be the on-site person to take responsibility for the event?
Briefly describe the purpose of the event and how it supports our Unity of Buffalo mission – to practice the Presence of God through prayer, education, service, creativity and commUnity.
Will a love offering, suggested love offering of a certain amount, or a fee be asked for, and what will be the sharing with the presenter, and our Unity church?
What support are you requesting from our church for this event? Such as…publicity, promotion, use of church equipment (Wi-Fi, video screens, sound system, etc.), furnishings (tables, chairs, etc.) in the church building, or other assistance for outdoor events?
Your first and last name.
Your phone number.