Welcoming Team Meeting

Newcomers are always welcome to join our Welcoming Team! The Welcoming Team stratagizes ways to make our church a more welcome place to new people and our current members and friends. At this meeting we will be focusing on the plans for our 2nd annual International Day of Peace celebration on September 21st- we need volunteers to help make this event a success!

Guest Speaker, Rev. Ron Neff

We welcome back our guest speaker Rev. Ron Neff. He will be speaking on "Sprituality For Dummies." Many of us in Unity consider ourselves "spiritual" but not necessarily "religious". Is there a difference? And what does "spirituality" really mean?  Rev. Ron will take a cue from the many books out "for dummies". Believe it or not, there is a book called "Spirituality for Dummies". 



Partners in Prosperity

This is an opportunity for all those who have taken the Prosperity Plus class, or any of the prosperity classes offered at Unity, to come together for monthly support and connection. We take time for check-in and sharing our successes, have a short lesson and refresher on a few key concepts, and close with the MasterMind prayer. Everyone is welcome - join us if you’d like to learn more about Unity and prosperity. We are “partners in prosperity!"


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