Unity of Buffalo Online Church Services and Zoom Meetings

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Unity of Buffalo Sunday Services are premiered on YouTube every Sunday at 10 AM!
(Please be mindful of using the "live chat" feature on YouTube during service, as it can be distracting to some viewers. Thank you!)

Rev. Mary Masters, Unity of Buffalo Senior MinisterRev. Mary Masters, (Unity of Buffalo's Senior Minister), will be leading our online services, and we will also have a variety of Unity Prayer Chaplains, Daily Word readers, Platform Partners and music and meditation from our Music Director, Mike Serio, with Anandhi George.

If you would like to sign up to be a Daily Word reader during one of our online services, please contact info@unitybuffalo.org.

We'll also feature other New Thought Leaders periodically; ministers, musicians and guest speakers for our online Sunday ServicesRev. Mary will provide live talks via Zoom, and/or video messages during the week, to offer insight and hope during these challenging times.

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The decision to keep our building closed until the end of November, and to function as an "Online Ministry", until the Pandemic risk is over, is to keep our congregation and all of us safe! YOU, your health, and the health and safety of our staff are the NUMBER 1 Priority!

Virtual Fellowship:Unity of Buffalo blesses our Global Family
At 11 a.m. every Sunday, following our online service, we'll have a weekly "Virtual Friendship Hour" with live interaction via Zoom, so we can chat and see each other. (Scroll down to bottom of this page to view some Zoom helpful tips!)

*We ask that you DO NOT post the Zoom webinar link, meeting ID, or call-in phone numbers on any public platforms like Facebook, or other social media! Instead we send out emails each week with the Zoom links to participate.

This is a recommendation of Unity Worldwide Ministries as a precaution to prevent anyone joining our webinar to be disruptive. We don't anticipate this, but better safe than sorry. It has happened to some other Unity churches who made their Zoom link public! 

Please email info@unitybuffalo.org if you'd like to receive our emails with links to services and Zoom, or if you need some extra assistance.

We aren't requiring participants to pre-register or provide a password when attending Zoom Friendship Hours on Sundays, just to keep it as simple as possible. 

Join us for our Virtual Friendship Hours on Sundays at 11 a.m. via Zoom

Are you NEW to Zoom?
Here are some helpful tips in 
this 1-minute introductory tutorial.

To participate on Zoom video chats, you will need:
A computer with speakers and a high-speed internet connection. About 10 minutes before joining our Zoom session, click on the link you were emailed. It may take a minute for the software to load if this is your first time using zoom. Once it has loaded, click the icon to Join webinar, OR use your smart phone with the Zoom app (download for free from your app store).

You can also call in on your regular telephone to participate with audio only by calling the telephone numbers for your area. The link to find your local number is also included in our weekly email blasts.

Tips for a Better Online Experience while using Zoom:

You can help make the online experience for our Interactive Friendship Hour on Zoom better for everyone by following these guidelines to enhance internet performance:

  • You can practice ahead of time by joining the Zoom link at any time between now and Sunday morning.

  • Try it out and make sure everything on your end is working properly.

Consider all the devices in your home that are connected to the internet.
These include:

  • Cell phones

  • iPads

  • Tablets

  • Computers

Each of these devices uses a share of your internet "bandwidth". Please turn off any devices or put on airplane mode, if you're not using them for the Zoom meeting. This ensures the best connectivity without internet interuptions.

Also, on the device you are using, each application you open may be connecting to the internet.
These include: 

  • email

  • Calendars

  • Cloud backups

..and any online activity other than Zoom. Please shut down or pause any of these apps.

Please note that on your phone, apps stay open and connected even when you switch to another app unless you close them. On a smart-phone, for example, you can close apps by double-clicking on the round button at the bottom of your phone and swiping up on each app that is displayed to close.

During Friendship Hour we will keep the microphones, cameras and telephones on to allow us all to interact and enjoy live interaction. So please be mindful of talking or making extraneous noise over each other by simply muting yourself when you're not speaking.

You can can also choose to turn off your camera and mute yourself if you feel more comfortable just listening and watching. Another option for interacting with other attendees is using the instant message feature by selecting the 'Chat' button. 

Each One, Reach One!

If you know of anyone in our Unity of Buffalo community who does not receive our emails or does not have regular access to internet and computers, please feel free to call them and spread the word about how to dial into our Friendship Hour by telephone, providing them instructions provided in our weekly emails.

Unity of Buffalo is a #Churchwithoutwalls!