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Conscious Evolution Online classes: Sept. 21 - Oct. 26, 2020
(Class times/days to be determinded by SpiritGroup Hosts.)

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SpiritGroups at Unity of Buffalo - Conscious Evolution Fall 2020

Mary Beth Wollenschlaeger
Amy Barone
Allaurah Olson

Max Redlawski
Mary Anne Stevens
Lonny & Millie Gibbs

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Conscious Evolution - Barbara Marx Hubbard

Unity of Buffalo Conscious Evolution - Barbara Hubbard

The purchase of Barbara Marx Hubbard's book "Conscious Evolution" is suggested but not mandatory. Can be ordered directly from Amazon.com.

Hosts will be contacting their previous SpiritGroups participants, but for new participants, please contact info@unitybuffalo.org to be put in touch with a class host, keeping in mind that the groups like arerather small, so the participant will have the opportunity to join another group if the one is full.

Featuring: Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Legacy: A New World View
Barbara Marx Hubbard shows us that our current crises are not the precursors of an Apocalypse, but the natural birth pains of an awakened, universal humanity. This is our finest hour!

Conscious Evolution
In this SpiritGroups series, upon registering and joining an online group, hosts will have access to the Gaia media website and can share videos with their members. Gaia offers the largest resource of consciousness expanding videos. During this SpiritGroups series we will be starting upon our own journey by exploring what consciousness is, where it comes from and how we are all connected through a universal consciousness.

  • You're here for a reason.

  • You know there’s more than the mainstream story you’ve been experiencing; something you’re not finding in your current paradigm, or in the media you’re consuming.

Your intuition is right.

SpiritGroups SCHEDULE Fall, 2020                                 
Episode #1: OUR CRISIS IS A BIRTH       
Week of 9-21-2020           
Read Pages 45-60

You have far more genius than you know, says Barbara Marx Hubbard, but you must
say “yes” to your inner evolutionary impulse if you want to achieve an increase in consciousness, freedom and order in your life.  She traces the trajectory of human evolution, from single celled organisms to where we are now, and extrapolates what is 
to come for humanity.  Before we can engage in this growth, we must be willing to
embrace the crisis of our times in order to transcend beyond it.  This comes as a spiritual
impulse, from within, calling you to become who you really are.         

Week of 9-28-2020                 
Read Pages 9-43                                                                                                

Barbara Marx Hubbard explains how you can connect with your higher mind and align your life with your own compass of joy, which will reveal your deepest heart’s desire, guiding you to realize your own unique genius.  Your purpose in life does not have a limit and you must be bold enough to do what attracts you and find your unique calling in this world.  Doing so, she offers the next step for the future-good of humanity with a new 
Declaration of Independence that reflects our creative potential.

Episode #3: A NEW WORLD VIEW   
Week of 10-5-2020
Read Pages 63-95                                                                                                    

Humanity’s destiny lies in traveling among the stars as co-creators at the universal scale.  But we must first understand that the evolution required to achieve this ultrahuman state comes by choice, not by chance.  Barbara Marx Hubbard offers the story of her own personal growth which led to her discovery of a new phase of human evolution which will take us to the stars, and beyond.

Week of 10-12-2020                                               
Read Pages  98-165                                                

Humanity is gaining the powers of the ancient gods.  Barbara Marx Hubbard discusses the evolutionary benefit of technology being developed today, which could lead to a radically new view of what it means to be human.  Before we can take full advantage of these leaps forward, we must first cultivate empathy for everyone on Earth and beings not of this world.  As we are emergent in the direction of choice, we become conscious evolutionaries by making the right choices individually, for the whole.

Episode #5 THE NEW POLITICS: Synergistic Democracy                       
Week of 10-19-2020 
Read Pages 167-209                                                    

Developing long-range goals for humanity requires open communication with others to build a synergistic democracy.  Barabara Marx Hubbard shares a process that she has presented to the UN and government agencies, by which people from different disciplines
and cultures can work together to build new worlds on Earth, in space and within the human mind.  This process begins by asking yourself a few simple questions and being honest with your answers as you discuss with others what their heart’s desires are, as well.

Episode #6: HOMO-UNIVERSALIS ;  Awakening the new species in us     
Week of 10-26-2020                                               
Read Pages 213-249                                     

After 13.7 billion years of evolution, we are the first species to know that we are evolving.  Embedded within your consciousness is the genius code needed to manifest
it into your life.  Barbara Marx Hubbard offers techniques that you can use to unlock this hidden potential within, so that your life resounds with a kind of music that acts as a cosmic lullaby.  This nurtures the awakening of a new species whose vocation is turned on and helps pave the way to a planetary awakening for everyone.  As we imagine it together, we become participants in our own conscious evolution, now.
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  • Week of 11-15-2020 - Celebration (tentative)