SpiritGroups SPRING 2022

Unity of Buffalo SpiritGroups series – Spring 2022:

Starting the week of January 2-7, 2022
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Humanity is currently facing a series of interconnected crises that threaten our very survival, from climate change and worldwide pandemics to global economic inequality and increasing social tensions. Yet at the same time, a global shift in consciousness is unfolding that is harnessing our collective power to consciously choose a flourishing, life-affirming future.

Our SpiritGroups series for this Spring will be based on the book – Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future, edited by Robert Atkinson, Kurt Johnson, and Deborah Moldow. This timely and compelling anthology is a rousing call-to-action for all of us to help transform the world into a just, peaceful, and thriving one—featuring creative and practical solutions to the many crises facing humanity today.

The book is a collection of thought-provoking chapters written by forty-three evolutionary leaders who are offering up creative solutions to the challengers facing humanity. Each pointedly details their vision for how we can ensure a successful completion to the transformation of consciousness that is already underway. The forty-three leading-edge contributors, including Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Bruce Lipton, Jean Houston, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Ervin Laszlo, Joan Borysenko, Larry Dossey, and many more, provide eye-opening and inspirational visions for a unified, peaceful, and thriving world. The time has come for all humanity to be united in purpose. This is our collective moment of choice, upon which our future depends.


See also: www.ourmomentofchoice.com

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NOTE: Prior to the first class, please read page 3 through page 38.

MODULE-1: Week of May 2 through May 7, 2022, covers pages 3 to 38.
       Circle One, Bridge-Building, chapters 1 through 5.

MODULE-2: Week of May 9 through May 14, 2022, covers pages 41 to 82.
       Circle two, Restoring Ecological Balance, chapters 6 through 10.

MODULE-3: Week of May 16 through May 21, 2022, covers pages 83 to120.
       Circle three, Conscious Enterprise and Social Change, chap.11 to 15.

MODULE-4: Week of May 23 through May 28, 2022, covers pages 121 to 166.
       Circle four, Healing Ourselves and the Planet, chapter 16 to 21.

MODULE-5: Week of May 30 through June 4, 2022, covers pages 167 to 214.
       Circle five, Integrating Science and Spirituality, chapters 22 to 27.

MODULE-6: Week of June 6 through June 11, 2022, covers pages 215 to 241.
       Circle six, New Frontiers Beyond Space and Time, chap. 28 to 32.

MODULE-7: Week of June 13 through June 18, 2022, covers pages 249 to 297.
       Circle seven, The Big Picture, chap. 33 to 37.

WEEK OF June 20 through June 25, 2022 – Social & Community Project

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