Sunday Guest Speakers

Brother Sam Radford

Samuel Leon Radford, III is the CEO of Inpowerment Training and Consultations. He is a Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Author, Publisher, Producer and Community Activist. And, he is a proud Husband, Father and Grandfather, and a good friend of our ministry, Unity of Buffalo.
Samuel L. Radford, III, who is more affectionately known as “Brother Sam”, was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. He attended Hutch-Tech H.S., and then spent 5 years in the United States Marine Corps. While in the USMC he traveled to many cities throughout the country and has lived in South Carolina, California, North Carolina and Japan. He has also traveled to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Hawaii, and Mexico.
After returning to Buffalo in 1990 Brother Sam attended College at Erie Community College and SUNY Empire State in Buffalo. While at ECC, he served as Black Student Union president, Student Government Association President and SUNY Statewide Student Association Vice President.
After college, Brother Sam went to work for the New York State Martin L. King Jr. Institute and Commission for Nonviolence as a Trainer. Using his experience as a trainer, Brother Sam in 1995 started his own self-help training, consultation and publishing company, Inpowerment Training and Consultations and Inpowerment Communications Inc. As a trainer and speaker, Brother Sam has trained at some 250 organizations throughout the country. Some of the organizations include: The United States Air Force, University of Buffalo, Buffalo State College, Niagara County Community College, SUNY Albany, University of Rhode Island, Howard University, Morehouse College, Spellman College, Miami Police Department, Berkshire Farm center for youth, New York City protestant welfare agencies, NYS Dept. of Labor, Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Ella Baker Academy, Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools in Tennessee, Buffalo Public Schools, Albany Public Schools, Providence Public schools, Calvary Baptist Church, New Hope Church, Evangelistic Temple, Muhammad’s Mosque #23, NCCJ and Women for Human Right and Dignity just to name a few.
Brother Sam is currently employed as the Director of Community Action Organization of Erie County, Inc. Masten Resource Center. He also currently serves as the President of the Buffalo Public Schools District Parent Coordinating Council. He has been an active parent in the Buffalo Public Schools for more than 15 Years.
In July of 2011 He was invited to participate in President Obama’s White House Community Leadership Briefing Series and Served on the White House Community Leadership Council for Education On August 22, 2013 Brother Sam was able to personally meet with President Barrack Obama when he kicked off an Education Initiative at the University of Buffalo. President Obama encouraged Brother Sam and the Parents of Buffalo to continue their fight for what is best for their children.
As a community activist Brother Sam is the Co-Chair for the Millions More Movement Buffalo Local Action Committee. The BLAC has the mission of mobilizing the Black community to take responsibility for and to meet its own needs.
He is the recipient of many community awards; most recently he has been awarded with the 2009 Umoja “Man of the Year Award, 2009 Assoc. of Black Social Workers Community Service Award, Harriet Tubman Award, African American Historical Society Award, 2010 Black Achievers Award, 2011 Phi Beta Sigma Education Community Service award, The Buffalo News 2011 Citizen of the YEAR and 2013 Mayors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award, to name a few.
Brother Sam has dedicated his life to bringing a message of “Inner Power” and has coined the term “IN” Powerment to describe when an individual or group learns to access their own personal inner power to achieve their life goals and solve life problems. An Inpowerment Workshop with Brother Sam cannot be described or defined, it must be experienced. His enthusiasm cannot be captured with words you have to be there, it is truly a life changing experience that you will always remember.
If you are interested in having Brother Sam do an Inpowerment workshop or as a speaker call (716) 578-3571 or email