SpiritGroups Series "A New Earth" Spring 2024

Unity of Buffalo SpiritGroups 2024

A New Earth Eckhardt Tolley


Based on the book: “A NEW EARTH" By: Eckhart Tolle

We may notice in the description of the “SpiritGroup Program” on the Unity of Buffalo website that it states that we attempt to align our sessions with the present day era we find ourselves experiencing along with all of its chaos. 

So, what is this present era? We think it is the unfolding and next stage of a new human consciousness. For the past 5 years the SpiritGroup program has been focusing on the awakening process to this new consciousness and now it is sensed that we are ready to explore the depth of our being to find and act upon the solutions necessary to unfold a new reality that will meet the needs of all of humanity.

From the understanding gained from our last SpiritGroup program, “Understanding the Essence of Our Soul”, where Jesus answered many of our questions, we now believe strongly that the answers to these many dysfunctional humanitarian problems can be revealed to us from within.

In this next SpiritGroup session, Eckhart Tolle will teach us how we can access the inner depths of our being and find the answers that will guide us, individually and collectively, to change our world to one that works for all by reaching our Church’s vision.

We hope that you will join us in this adventure and take this opportunity to participate more deeply with this global awakening that is occurring now!

Love & Light,

Lonny & Millie
SpiritGroup Program Leaders

Eight-week series starting April 27, 2024
Continues weekly on Saturdays at Noon

We will meet on Saturdays at noon in the friendship hall, starting with a potluck, followed by discussion and videos.